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Who I Am and What I Do

Cyrena Johnson


I have always had a big caring heart and wanted to help where I could. It started off with me taking a diploma program to be an Animal Health Technologist. I unfortunately was only able to work for a year after that because I was severely allergic to cats (which I was not aware of before). I sadly realized I needed a change of career but this stage of my life showed me that I actually enjoyed helping the owners through their hardships with their animals. This led me down the path to social work and really diving in deep to help people.

I moved to Red Deer to take my Social Work diploma and then degree which exposed me to so much knowledge about people and how to really help, which the biggest thing is about listening to their stories and just being there for them. I realized that I had already been doing this throughout my life. I worked in mental health and addictions, group homes, and schools, helping people, children, and families throughout different stages of their lives. I loved it so much but I still felt like there was more.

The spiritual world eventually found me when I was introduced to Reiki in 2014 and my world changed in a huge way after that. I took different courses and training in Reiki and Quantum Healing Hypnosis and then fell in love with sound healing. I decided in 2019 to leave the social work world behind and start a business of alternative healing. Now even since then as I have dived in deeper into my own practice and healing a lot of what I offer has changed. I offer sound healing journey's because I have a huge passion for music as it always was a way to help me heal and they are a great place for people to start with finding some calm in life. I also more recently got into doing traditional Chinese Tea Ceremonies called Cha Dao or The Way of Tea because I realized how grounding and how much stillness can come from sitting with tea. 

My main focus though is on my energy healing sessions because they have become a combination of all my gifts merged into one. They have changed a lot since I started doing them and they will probably continue to change as I grow more and continue my own healing journey. As someone who normally has their head in the stars, these sessions have become something truly cosmic but also grounding with incredible results if you are open and allow the weird and magical in.

Our journey's are ever evolving so I look forward to continuing this path to see where it takes me in order to help others find their truth and healing together.

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