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Cha Dao

The Way of Tea


Chinese Tea Ceremonies

Dive into the world of Chinese medicine through traditional tea ceremonies. The way of tea is more than just “drinking tea”. It helps cultivate a practice of grounding, meditation, and stillness. Using tea that is chemical free, wild grown, and responsibly sourced, it really allows the tea to shine and taste pure. 


These teas are not only great tasting, they are also beneficial to our health, physically and mentally. Certain teas can help lower inflammation, support the different systems in our body like digestion, and relieve stress and anxiety. 


In the western world we tend to struggle giving ourselves moments of stillness to just “be”. Tea in this way can be a gateway to allowing your mind, body, and soul a moment of rest, peace, and healing. 


These tea ceremonies are open to anyone, whether you love tea or are curious to find a new practice to incorporate into your life for a healthier balance.


These ceremonies are 90 minutes long starting with a bit of background and education around tea and Cha Dao followed by a 60 minute tea sit. Each tea ceremony will feature one tea through multiple steeping's. The teas could be different each time and range from fruity to more earthy flavors.


My intention is that you find some peace and calm, a deeper connection to yourself and the earth, and find community with like minded tea lovers.

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