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Intuitive Energy Healing

Like most people, I started this journey by learning about Reiki, which is a form of hands on healing and works by tapping into the energies all around us. Then we direct these energies into the body to help balance, release, and heal anything "stuck" energetically in the body.

When we deal with trauma and emotions in life, these can cause all sorts of mental and physical symptoms for us. Energy has more to do with our healing than we realize and can bring about amazing results if we allow it.

My sessions have changed dramatically since I received my level 3 Reiki training in 2018 and now it no longer feels right to call them Reiki sessions as they are so much more now.

They combine many different techniques depending on what is needed for you and your healing because we are all different and unique. These sessions are still a form of hands on energy healing but also incorporate crystals, sound instruments, tuning forks, light language, guided visuals and more!

My intention is to understand where you are at in life and what you feel is holding you back or causing issues whether that's physically or emotionally. Through the session I will tap into the energies for extra messages and guidance into what is needed for you and then use the tools that will best help shift and balance whatever is out of alignment. 

Be open to a different way of healing and take a journey into the depths of your soul with me to gain clarity, insight, and healing through a truly cosmic experience. 

I offer sessions that are 90mins long at $155

Book online or contact me if you need an evening or weekend session.

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