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Energy Healing

Reiki has been around for a very very long time and is a form of hands on energy healing. As a practitioner of reiki, we become conduits for the universal energy that is all around us and help use it for our highest good of all. This energy helps balance our chakras and energy centres of our body. There has been medical evidence showing that reiki can help for many different things like anxiety, pain, digestive issues, and sleep disorders but also much much more! All in all, it is to help restore balance of the energies in our body because sometimes we like to hold on to energy which can become stagnant and cause issues in our body that we don't need. We want the energy to flow freely and that is what reiki sessions can help with. I am very intuitive about my sessions and often incorporate crystals, sound, and tuning forks to bring a truly unique healing experience. 

I offer reiki sessions that are 75 minutes long at $100

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