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Cyrena Johnson

I have always been in the helping profession in some way, whether it be with animals or people and over the years my way of "helping" has changed a lot. I am now so passionate about the spiritual world and showing people how powerful we really are and that we can truly heal ourselves with the power that lies within us. I have learned many different things on this journey from my social work background, reiki, sound healing and even hypnosis. My services have also changed as I grow and incorporate more and more into my healings. Now my focus is on sound healing, tea ceremonies and energy healing in order to bring balance, stillness, and incredible healing for those looking for change in a different way.

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Be Curious

Change and healing is not always an easy process. If you are looking for something different to help you move forward in life, you have come to the right place. Be open to the weird and unknown and learn more about the energies all around us and how you can tap into this magical world and unearth what truly lies within you.

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"Never be afraid to open your eyes to see the path that lies ahead and never be afraid to close your eyes to see what lies within"

Cyrena Johnson

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