Sound Healing

Immerse yourself into the world of sound!

The vibration from sounds/music can have profound healing affects on our body and mind. It helps get you into a meditative state and allow the music to work its magic. 

I have a collection of different sound healing instruments that I use. This ranges from Native American wood flutes, to drums, crystal bowls, chimes and more. My collection is ever growing as I constantly look for new healing instruments that will help people enjoy this technique of healing.

I offer individual sessions:

60 minute session for $75

90 minute session for $100

Watch for group sound baths that usually happen monthly. You can find the events on my Facebook page.


Corporate Sound Baths

Bring in a sense of calm and well-being in the workplace by hosting a sound bath for your employees. 
I come to your place of business and do a 60 minute sound bath. You just need a space that works for everyone to either sit or lie down to enjoy this beneficial healing.
Contact me for price or more details.


Sound Healing

This video gives you a little idea of what a sound bath could be like. Of course it's different every time.